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Can my lg motion 4g be restored by metro and my data be there even without an SD card??

My lg motion 4g shuts off and refuses to turn back on, ive taken out the battery and still got nothing. im debating on sending it into metro to be fixed but I'm skeptical on it because I don't have an SD card and I'm TERRIFIED I'm going to lose all of my pictures and videos. Apps and music I can get again, but not the pictures/videos, those memories are irriplacable. i want to avoid factory resetting at ALL costs, do I have to have an SD card or can my memories be salvaged without one??
asked Dec 27, 2013 in LG by AJ

1 Answer

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Hey AJ

Metro will probably not offer data backup or recovery but a hard reset only. You need indedpended data recovery geeks for this. Even with them (the data recovery guys) there at least two requirements that should be met before they can be able to help;

1. The phone should be able to boot into recovery mode (the Pressing Volume Down ... hard reset method)

2. It may have to have been rooted before.
answered Dec 27, 2013 by SuperUser Master (10,550 points)