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Huawei-u8652 Android 2.3.5 At&t Smart Phone

Color problems with my  Huawei-u8652 Android Smart Phone 2.3.5 At&t. No damage, no heat or water damage, never dropped or banged. I had it in my pocket this morning for maybe 20min as I carry it all day usually, but today I take it out to see if I'd missed any messages, went to the main screen and it came up all white blocking with my phone numbers and names facing backwards. Restarted it, everything turned bright green, yellow and blue.., removed the battery, did a factory reset.. and still it is bright yellow and green and blues. Also have tried to change the lighting, still nothing. Now I've taken the battery out for 20min and still turning it back on all my colors are yellow, green n blue :(  All the colors are messed up. What happened to my phone is there a way to fix it? An I already know you can't do a hard reset on this phone because of the way the features are for shutting down. . Smart Phone isn't so smart is it!!! ???
asked Dec 20, 2013 in Huawei by Annette092964

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Hi Annette092964

Yes you can hard reset your particular Huawei smartphone. Simply pull out the battery to force-shut down then follow the directions here (pressing volume up together with the power button at the same time...). Please comment on this very same question for any further assistance.

answered Dec 20, 2013 by SuperUser Master (10,550 points)
selected Dec 25, 2013 by Administrator
And if the phone is under a 1 year old, then it is still under warranty and thus qualifying for free service or replacement.

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