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MTN Steppa has been pulled fro selves due to inferior software problems!

MTN have pulled the Steppa Smartphone from the market due to software issues. As a policy, MTN do not give refunds, so that means a lot of folk are going to be sitting with an inferior phone that is virtually brand new, but useless. All you can do is basic store and app use, make and receive calls, sms' and such. You can do the same functions on your old handset anyway!!

We have just released our XXX  and encouraged thousands of users to purchase the Steppa (mother-in-law included) and will now seek a way to make MTN replace/refund all users who bought this cheap con.
asked Apr 19, 2014 in MTN Steppa by Glenn Grant
edited Apr 22, 2014 by Administrator
This looks like an attempt to punt your own app. Your claims are unsubstantiated, why would MTN stop support for the Steppa when it was such a big hit? The phone has been on the market less than 4 months and as a smartphone, can do much more than just receive calls and "sms' and such"

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Well so much for your presumptuous and ignorant comment about my 'own app'...which has absolutely nothing to do with my post.
FACT: We spent the better part of a morning trying to track down a Steppa for one of my staff in Polokwane. After calling ALL MTN offices and Pep, Game, etc, we broadened our search to Tzaneen, whereupon I was told by the lady in the Tzaneen branch of MTN that it had been removed from shelf due to software complications. I subsequently called many more MTN stores to validate the info. The Metlife Plaza MTN store in Port Elizabeth confirmed the information.

It was only after this confirmation that I sought further information and your site had a lot to cover on the Steppa but no up-to-date information on the withdrawal, so I made the post on your site.

In addition, I spoke to 2 ex-managers of MTN stores in the eastern Cape over the week end and both confirmed what I had been told, and both advised on how to get a replacement phone from MTN,(who do not refund purchases).

My staff who have a Steppa have also complained of software crashes, and looking at your OWN site, you have been confronted by just such an issue (http://www.mobilehelponline.co.za/index.php?qa=312&qa_1=vanish-steppa-phone-closes-after-minutes-while-playing-games)!

A further point to note is that I do not need the limited number of followers to your site to promote my app.
answered Apr 22, 2014 by glenn grant
It's still unsubstantiated as my contact at MTN head office denies it being recalled and said there is a stock problem as it's sold out in most of the country. The fact that you had to name your app made me think it was an attempt to market yourself. The software on the Steppa is android. So if software is faulty, surely it's Android and not the phone itself? The related questions (probably from Carol) is a hardware defect and doesn't reflect on the phone itself.

You are also attacking the phone for it's limited use? How can it be of limited use and "good for nothing" if you created an app for it and recommended the phone to everyone and your mother?
I'd also like to point out that with the consumer protection act, MTN has to refund any purchase that they recall. I think that all these supposed people you spoke to most probably don't know what they're talking about or are just fiction. I'm blunt, I know, but I do not like it when people don't go by "facts" as you loved to point out.