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How to login using facebook on this website

Like do I type in my facebook username and password in the areas provided at the site's homepage?
asked Dec 17, 2013 in Mobilehelponline.co.za by anonymous

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Hey. The way to do so is to look for a dark blue button written "flogin" from the site's homepage (www.mobilehelponline.co.za) - click on that button and you will either have to simply just click "Okay" or fill in your facebook login details first. If you cannot see this button try the following.
1. Ensure that your browser is not set on "Single-Colomn" or check/turn-on  "Zoom view". 
2. Try a differnt browser if you have more than one mobile browsers (minding the above settings).
Yes some mobile browsers just seem not to support it at all sadly - Nokia Lumia 520 for one could not support the fearture
In this case you will just have to create a new account using the "Register" link thereon.
answered Dec 17, 2013 by Administrator Master (12,090 points)

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