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I cannot define access point in some applications such as mig33v46, realplayer etc.

asked Dec 17, 2013 in Nokia by oozzer

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Hey. Yes, some phones require specific mobile settings for mig33's connection to function properly - this applies to certain other apps aswell. Please do comment on this question including your phone's model number and carrier/network service provider's name for a more definate assistance on the issue. 

answered Dec 17, 2013 by Administrator Master (12,090 points)
my phone model is Nokia E5-00. I use wifi.
my phone model is NOKIA E5-00...... I use wimax wifi network and nepal telecom gprs service. But it doesnt shows the access point.
yes. It works on opera mini, web, nimbuzz etc. But it doesnt work on mig33v46.
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Well thanks for the extra info. E5-00's connection settings guide is here (amongst which is defining APN or Access Point Groups which includes Wifi). However if certain other apps are able to connect successfully to the net both on Wifi and GPRS, chances are your APN settings are intact (unless if it is nessissary to manually add and use a new APN). Some apps on the otherhand hand requires to  be run first, then navigate to their Settings > Connections > then Carrier's GPRS/Wifi Network device. Above all you can contant Nepal for GPRS configuration particulary (who will gladly walk you through). I Will be happy to further input to the best of my knowlegde on this as long as needed.

answered Dec 17, 2013 by Administrator Master (12,090 points)
i have tried it but it doesnt work. It shows nothing when i go to data manager>app manager>mig33v46>access point (but there is no option nor any access point in it.
Are you able to connect to the net from other apps such as internet browsers otherwise?
yes. It works on opera mini, web, nimbuzz
etc. But it doesnt work on mig33v46.
Ok. Have you had success on this with previous Migg33 versions though? Just checking if we not having a version incompatibility. Firmware updates may be necessary for your device too.
yes, i have checked other versions also. Such versions also have that problem. But what is firmware? and how to update it?
A firmware is the software/ Operating System of the phone and how it can be updated is explained here
Updating improves a whole lot on the phone and you would do well to perform it first.
yes i checked the firmware and all are up-to-date.  But now also the problem is not solved.
Ok. Does it seem like you can create a new access point name under: Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and Connection > Destinations - are the fields editable. And also, what message do get when you try to connect to the net from the Mig33 app version?
yes, i can create and edit the access point.
    it doesnt show any information nor any option when i go to data manager>app
manager>mig33v46>access point(after access point it doesn't give any information nor option).
I hear you. Please do try and contact Nepal Telecoms and let us here a piece of their mind on this issue as well (yes, service providers do provide this type of assistance too). You will please comment their understanding here should it be convenient. Thanks for trying Mobilehelponline.co.za otherwise!

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