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my steppa is not working due to my network not available,how can this be?

asked Mar 17, 2014 in MTN Steppa by Dandalay

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Hey Dandalay

Check if the "Flight mode" feature is not turned on (it must be off)

Method 1

Press and hold the power button until a menu comes up (amongst which should be the "Flight Mode option)

Method 2

Go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > See if the "Flight Mode" check box is not checked (it must be unchecked)

Do comment under this self same question if the issue persist (do include any other information you think may help toward finding a solution)

Regards, ThePDAs'pda

answered Mar 21, 2014 by ThePDAs'pda 'Xpert (2,420 points)
thank you Andalay,but this issue is still persisting
Thank you for your help,but the issue still persisting pls help I lossing it.I cann't  chat my apps is not working.