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Huawei ascend G310 won't connect to home wifi, and can't find wifi outside

My phone had a problem of not finding home wifi, or finding outside wifi's, just get trying to connect. Sent it back to Orange and it worked on return for a few days, then failed again.
asked Mar 16, 2014 in Huawei by Ken Ellison

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Hi Ken

Try hard resetting your device and observe. The Wifi radio chip may be simply defect - in which case you will have to take it back to them yet again for the chip/headset replacement.

To hard reset the device

1. Turn it off

2. Press and Hold the Volume Up key and the Power button until the phone boots into Recovery Mode

3. Use the Volume Keys to navigate throught the Recovery Mode options and select Wipe dat/factory reset ... follow the on-screen instruction to complete the reset.


The PDAs'pda
answered Mar 17, 2014 by ThePDAs'pda 'Xpert (2,420 points)

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