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Do I have to utilize all that Blackberry has to offer

I recently purchased an older model Blackberry curve 9310os7. I've been having problems in understanding fully in how it works Mainly w/ the BB ID.But that's another story.(i hope this doesn't sound ******) if I choose NOT to utilize all that Blackberry has to offer. can I still use my device including the non BB apps, that came w/ the phone? As if it wasn't a blackberry at all. Or would blackberry have an issue w/this?I'm only asking because it's better to use this device this way, than for me to have to do a security wipe. from the research I've done I really don't think it would be good for anything after that. besides that , it seem like no one really knows what a wipe consist of? I kept reading different answers. I'd rather not take that chance. I hope you can help me w/ my problem Thank You
asked Mar 7, 2014 in Blackberry by Maria

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Hey Maria

A security Wipe will only erase personal info from the device. What you can do since you are saying you can log in just fine from your desktop is to backup the device's content to your computer using its Blackberry Desktop Mananger software > then perfom the security wipe > login using your BB ID  > restore the backed up content from the PC/computer to the device and your BB credentials should work just fine.

Do comment under this selfsame question if you have any further needed assistance on this.

Regards ThePDAs'pda

answered Mar 7, 2014 by ThePDAs'pda 'Xpert (2,420 points)
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And with the above said - NO, you are not compelled to exhaust or use all the features offered by your Blackberry device model. You however realize as time goes by that taking advantage of these feature can be fun and effort saving. Some features of cause are only ideal for the corporate world (working place).

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