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Tried to log in on this website mobile help online after entering my password it read user not found

I don't understand why I can't log in on your website w/ my current username and password? when I do, it reads user not found. what exactly does this mean? I'm submitting the correct email account. in fact I received an email from you today at 12:28pm If the user name is not found then how did you send me this email? do you think you can explain why this could be happening? This isn't the first time this has happened. This has happened before on other sites. And I can't get anywhere nor do i know what to do. You are the first site I found that i thought might help me or steer me in the right direction. AGAIN "THANK YOU"   for your time and effort in trying to help me resolve this issue.
asked Mar 7, 2014 in Mobilehelponline.co.za by Maria
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Hi Maria
Sorry for the incovenience. Would you please try and create the account in the following way:
1. Go to the homepage www.mobilehelponline.co.za
2. Click on Register
3. Enter the Username (Maria) > Password > email address > and then the capitcha cahracters into the supplied fields...
4. Then click on the "Register" button when done
5. Click on the "My Account" link on the very top
6. Click on "confirm" infront of the email field
7. Open your emails' inbox and follow the email confirmation instructions on the email received from "Mobile Help Online" and you should be done.
Regards Admin
answered Mar 7, 2014 by Administrator Master (12,090 points)
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And to answer the other part of your login question. You will remember that before you can submit each of your questions on the site, there would be two optional fields (among other fields) - i.e. "Email (optional)" and "Name (Optional)".
The "Email..." field is so you can be able to receive email notifications (like you say you have) when your question gets answered and the "Name..." field is only used for the addressing part of the answer (like "Hi Maria"). The above steps are instead the account creating procedure. I trust there is good explanation for this (username not found) happening on other sites (which may of cause differ to the one given for this site).

Hope this helped
Yes indeed! I followed your instructions 1-7. and it worked I am now registered. Thank you. I'm confused though. I thought my username was my email address.and what I considered my screen name is what you called my username. confusing? At least for me it is.Thank you! Your advise has been  more than helpful.