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How to unlock C-100

How to unlock LG C-100
asked Mar 2, 2014 in LG by Samzololo Senior Member (1,120 points)
I will help you

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Hey Sam

If it is network locked (only works on one network), then you need to purchase an unlock  code from sim-lock.net for  6.99 Euros (about R80). You will find instructions on how to input the code once bought from the same webpage above. The above method is ideal if you are still obligated to the carrier that subsidised the phone (the carrier or service provider that the phone is currently locked to) - e.g.would be if the phone was taken on contract for a specifict period which has not elapsed for now. If you are no longer obligigated in such manner, you can simply contact the current carrier's Customer Care and ask for the unlock code. Please do comment under this self same question if it is not a network unlock assistance you needed.

Regards Kerv

answered Mar 2, 2014 by Kerv 'Xpert (3,030 points)
selected Mar 3, 2014 by Samzololo
Its not network but security code

To reset a forgotten user/security lock from an Lg C100, you can simply re-flash the phone's firmware. Step-by-step instructions to doing this can be found on the webpage here


Let us know if you need any further assistance.

Regards ThePDAs'pda

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