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LG Motion MS770 won't power on, when in the charger the three icons just blink.

asked Feb 18, 2014 in LG by Antoinette A Wilson

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Hey Antoinette,

This issue is quite common with the LG Motion. The blinking icons normally indicates that the battery is too drained to power the device on - meaning it should be allowed to charge a bit further prior to an attept to power the phone up. You can try the following in case allowing the battery to charge avails no improvemnts.

1. Try a different battery and observe as the battery may have failed (you will obviuosly have to replace your battery should it power on with a different one).

2. Sometimes it can be an issue with the phone itself (software or hardware). The Android OS tends to freeze on off mode, removal of the battery where possible will normal unfreeze it. You will have to try a hard reset in the extreme (this will erase all user data on the phone). Failure to reset will most likely indicate a hardware failure sadly.

Do comment under this self same question with any necessary further assistance on this.


answered Feb 18, 2014 by Kerv 'Xpert (3,030 points)
Well that may be true, I had this problem, left the phone to charge for 2 days and ut still didn't work.  I tried doing most everything kerv said, still did not work. Hope you had better luck then I.