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How can I active NCF on Huawei G600 - I do not have any option under Settings about NCF?

asked Feb 11, 2014 in Huawei by anonymous

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The YouTube video here demonstrate how the Near Field Communication (NCF) is to be used on your Huawei G600 and any other NCF taged device/smartphone.


answered Feb 12, 2014 by Kerv 'Xpert (3,030 points)
The NCF switch should be under Settings > Wireless & Mobile > More ...
Simply tap on it to Activate it - Android beam should automatically turn on or activate(otherwise tap and activate it too).
Do comment under this self same question for any needed further assistance on this.
Hi .my problem is that i dont have NFc  &android beam in "More" .my huawei is u8950_1 .
Hey - I just picked up that the NFC chip is optional to the Ascend G600 model. Do check if you have the "N" logo at the back of your device. Confirm the optionality of the chip here.