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How do I cancel a Cellc Contract Account

I heard I should allow atleast 30 days notice. Or do I just have to call their Customer Service and have them giving me the dierections. I have recently moved to an area which seems to be almost out of their coverage area - hence the signal strength is poor most of the time..
asked Jan 17, 2014 in Cellc by Wailly Senior Member (1,330 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Wailly, To have your Cellc contract cancelled you may send an email to [email protected] include the following in your email 1. Your ID number 2. Your contract number 3. The date where upon you wish to have the contract terminated. You will then be assisted accordingly from there. Also do note that one can purchase a signal booster to to try and combat poor signal issues.
answered Jan 18, 2014 by SuperUser Master (10,550 points)
edited Jan 18, 2014 by SuperUser

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